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Hot Mess! E6 & 7

Expect (Butoh) dance, poetry, talk show, music, free jazz, noise, video, glitch, interactive environments, improvisational scores, theatrical moments, the unexpected

Episode 6: Saturday, October 22
Two performances, each about an hour
4:20pm (doors at 4:15p)
& 8:00pm CST (doors at 7:30p)

@Elastic Arts 3429 W. Diversey Ave, Chicago

(visit World Clock to find your location time)

Boston_Chicago bridge, featuring artists: Aza, Amanu, Jinlu Luo, Dubi Kaufman, Christine Shallenberg, Sara June & Max Lord

Hot Mess! is a play space where we invite the chaos of the unfamiliar into our process, together. We focus on the moments of co-creation, discover new ways of working together, interacting with the audience, connecting both in person and online. Hot Mess! demonstrates the power of working together in the unknown, seeks possibilities for Queering space, and centers the joy and beauty in re-starting while making art! All ages are invited.

Supported in part by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, especially for #YearofChicagoDance #yocd

Episode 7: Hot Mess -> MOVE MOVE Hybrid
Saturday, November 12

4:20pm & 8:00pm Central Standard Time
(visit World Clock to find your location time)

Baltimore_Chicago bridge featuring artists of Move Move Collaborative: Orlando Johnson, Chrissy Martin, Peter Redgrave, Cristal Sabbagh, Ashley Shey, Matt Williams, Emmett Wilson, Lorene Bouboushian, Sara Zalek, plus DJ Major Taylor and Dalia Chin

$15 Elastic Arts, 3429 W. Diversey Ave. #208 Chicago, IL 60647
No advance ticket sales. Debit/Cash accepted at the door


Elastic Arts is a non-profit organization that fosters a community of music, art and performance in the Avondale/Logan Square neighborhoods of Chicago and beyond through developing, hosting, producing, and promoting creative, independent, and local music concerts, exhibitions, and multi-arts performances.


Featured Artist bios:
Amanu started their storytelling journey through make-believe w/ their sibling creating worlds and characters to inhabit. Soon spiral notebooks birthed drawings, stories, and poetry. It wasn’t long until they fell in love with freestyling & helped form the rap crew, Jus-Us League. In 2001 they moved to Chicago &  joined the jazz-based band Daily Bridge Club.  In 2007 joined the iNNERvISIONISTS, an organic Hip-Hop band. There, they met Casagrown, formed the rap duo BADWOLFF & perform all over Chicago at venues such as Beat Kitchen, Subterranean, Elbo Room, and The Mutiny. Amanu’s poetry stylings are rooted in rituals of storytelling & the delights of language.


Aza is a performance and visual artist and co-conspirator at No Nation Tangential Unspace Art Lab. This Coalescence is one to galavant in dreamscapes, ancestral juke joints, chaturbate masturbation web temples, loose-tooth tanks, and the Heartspace. They organize Smudge Cinema Project, a now-and-then screening series that takes a look at what happens when a film is projected on a wall for people to watch. Metabolization seems to be what they appear to do, lately. 

Sara June

Sara June is a Boston-based performance artist working primarily in butoh, movement improvisation and installation. She is the director of the annual Boston Butoh Festival and is co-director of Boston’s oldest experimental artists’ collective, the Mobius Artists Group. She and sound artist Max Lord compose the performance duo Lord and June whose past commissions include a gallery performance for an exhibition of the acclaimed Hiroshima Panels by Japanese artists Iri and Toshi Maruki at Boston University and an outdoor movement and spatialized-sound work for Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog x FLO installation in Frederick Law Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace.

Max Lord

Max Lord is a Boston-based improvisor who has worked in a variety of rock, noise, electronic and improv settings. Though originally identifying as a percussionist, since 2000 he has performed with Buchla electronic instruments including the Marimba Lumina, an exotic mallet controller. His recorded work as Ghost Grass recalls mid-century electronic experimentation as often as more modern improvised approaches, and is intimately tied to the magnetic medium on which it is created.

Dubi Kaufman

Dubi Kaufmanm makes interactive art. He uses code, cellphones, screen printing or bicycle parts to make art that sparks joy.

Christine Shallenberg is a multimedia artist whose work ranges in scale from performative physical encounters to mediated light and sound installations to participatory choreographies for audiences. Christine has been nominated for a Bessie (NY Dance and Performance Award) in visual design for David Neumann’s Restless Eye, for which she designed a system for scanning and translating the performers’ EEG brain waves into large-scale lighting shifts for the entire performance space. She also worked as the Lighting Designer for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company for whom she designed Second Hand, Antic Meet, Nearly 902 and more than 30 unique Event performances seen around the world.

Jinlu Luo
I’m not very good at explaining my work through concepts, but I believe that while a personal history can be cosmetically touched-up, the history of one’s art cannot be changed. Once work is done it is done. My artwork is my soul, my emotions, my feelings, and my heart, displaying my experience of the world. My dramatization of thought is for my own purpose. I’m the audience of my own performance. What I can get a witness is not necessarily the performance product, which is to say the staging of ideas to audience eyes, but rather the dramatization of thought in the creative process itself. The staging of a performer-position gives second life to a personality. For this moment, being the director is not simply a metaphor for the struggle to make decisions but more a creative practical strategy to determine the route of a collaborative body. I consider the importance of casting as an alternative family, and thus my solo is a single-person household. My self-presentation is my own house, a solitary architecture on an open landscape of audience. This building oneself to a particular structure is always a moment of suffering. Here is a person-role.

Producer and Director of Hot Mess!, Sara Zalek is an Avant-garde maker of situations and curious objects. Rooted in physical investigations of improvisation, resilience, and transformation, their work is intimate, raw, poetic. They create performances, learning situations, and sensing environments to encourage thoughtful interpersonal connections.

Sara Zalek

​Zalek performs often and in both live and online situations; most recently named an “Esteemed Artist” by The City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE). In 2021 they held a curatorial residence at Elastic Arts, and in 2020 were in virtual residence at the Dance Center at Columbia College of Chicago, a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist (2015), a 3Arts Make a Wave Awardee, and a Ragdale Foundation Fellow. They have performed and curated workshops and festivals at the Chicago Cultural Center, Elastic Arts, Experimental Sound Studio, Links Hall, Japanese Culture Center, CoProsperity Sphere, No Nation Tangential Unspace Art Lab, dfbrl8r, Outerspace, UrBandGuild, and many more.

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