Battles:SS3 was not possible without the invaluable gifts of our sponsors. The Festival is intended to create space for critical discussions, to foster cultural exchange with our international guest artists, and to celebrate fellowship surrounding Butoh and wherever it seeps into other performing arts scenes in Chicago. We invite local collaborators, artists, and producers to have informal discussions around our desire to make art that impacts our local/global culture, and raises us up as a community that is supportive and inclusive.

A special thank you to Antibody Corporation for being our Fiscal Sponsor for 2017, allowing us to take in tax deductible donations! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this years festival, please contact us.

For food and beverage donations, we kindly thank these generous patrons. Applaud and enjoy these local businesses!

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Your sponsorship will have tremendous social impact. All the artists are being paid for their performances, and this is not common practice, but of vital importance to their sustenance and growth. We will include your name on our programs, newsletters, website, social media, and in all our spoken thank you’s, if you wish. Your sponsorship increases your visibility as a supporter of the arts and is tax deductible!

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Thank you for your interest in support of Battles:SS3 Post-Butoh Festival 2017

Butoh Chicago has been given support in previous years by the following organizations and people:

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Karen Faith
Rick & Liz Thompson
Stan & Sally Zalek
Timothy Aguero
Mark Beasley
Margaret Biddle
Cynthia Bond
Elizabeth Bullock
Rachel Ellison
Lily Emerson
Allyson Esposito
Sharon Fierro
Laura Goldstein
Sarah Gottlieb
Sangeet Gupta
Jennifer Guptill
Geoff Guy
Nick Hahn
Carla Hayden
Gina Hutchings
Jordan Karol
Lee Klawans
Nance Klehm
Kathleen Larson
Elizabeth Latchford
Dan Matts
Carole McCurdy
Jonathan Meyer
Liane Owen
Eugene Park
Annie Rudnik
Adam Rose
Cristal Sabbagh
Bryan Saner & Teresa Pankratz
Jonathan J. Satrom
Christine Slivon
Cathy Swigon
Ellen Sullivan
Aurora Tabar
Mary Tabar
Amanda Tyson
Kathy Weinkle
Randall West
Catherine Yanes
Carol Zalek