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ExTra Terrestrial

Yumiko Yoshioka lands soon in Chicago for another deep training workshop called Body Resonance. Based on Butoh and Organic Movement, we focus on the Sensitive and Curious Body.

May 4-7 in person workshop at the Color Club, Chicago, Il, USA

Earlybird Tickets are Available until April 21.
Registration and more info

All bodies and levels of experience are encouraged to attend. This workshop is not for dancers only! Anyone with a curiosity to know their body in more ways, to rekindle or develop a new way of relating to your body. There are an infinite number of ways to play.

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Safe Hiatus

With sadness, and with a terrific need to respond in some way. Not knowing words, or combinations of words for these feelings, clearly in transition, as we are.

The much planned for Butoh Between Festival for May 2020 has been cancelled. All programming at OuterSpace is also cancelled until further notice. Our international artists have stopped travel plans. We are going dark so that we may transform, to find our present in the purpose of community and survival. We will communicate as we can, and urge you to share in ways that nurture generosity and open heartedness toward every one of us.

Wishing you health & sanity during a most surreal time. 
We encourage each other to support feeding and housing our local communities. To remain engaged, and responsive to each situation.
To trust that our body/mind will know how to respond. To cultivate self practice, mindfulness, and respect for all beings.

“Like what we know of the virus so far, we are uncommitted to anything particular. We mutate with the times.”

Thanks for supporting us. We will be back ASAP. 

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Frequency illusion

ert4-jamiegannonEmergency Response Team, 2014 Photo by Jamie Gannon

Stanford linguistics professor Arnold Zwicky coined the former term in 2006 to describe the syndrome in which a concept or thing you just found out about suddenly seems to crop up everywhere. It’s caused, he wrote, by two psychological processes.

The first, selective attention, kicks in when you’re struck by a new word, thing, or idea; after that, you unconsciously keep an eye out for it, and as a result find it surprisingly often.

The second process, confirmation bias, reassures you that each sighting is further proof of your impression that the thing has gained overnight omnipresence.

Armed with this knowledge, we can attempt to proliferate new ideas by performing art in the world. Strategically, we potentially increase the opportunity to witness the making of art, thereby increasing the possibility for frequency illusion of these acts to occur. This could increase the capacity for creative problem solving skills in any audience.

I wish to infect people with a fierce resistance to the status quo by participation in creative acts. My belief is in finding our most powerful selves, capable of creating greater good, each of us worthy of empathy and encouragement.

Particularly now, as the proliferation of fear, phobia, and violence in America is capable of creating catastrophe in the collective psyche. Creative engagement in public could be an act of healing, to recover and reconstruct an alternate future.


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Screen&Projector- Expanded Cinema
“Arguments about the body-mind or the controller versus the controlled are mostly carried out by using two words “choreography” and “improvisation”. But these
words are totally inadequate because the decision making or objectifying subject is
totally blurred in the peculiar state of consciousness of Butoh as an embodied primary
process.” Toshiharu Kasai

Interesting read on some concepts of the body-mind exploration of Butoh training: Publication by Toshiharu Kasai