Yuko Kaseki, photo by dadware

Butoh non festival 2019

Celebrating five years as an ad-hoc passion project, Butoh Chicago is proud to present disillusion/dissolution, Butoh non festival, May, 2019 in Chicago, USA. Featuring performances, workshops, and informal gatherings around Butoh for the month.

Join us, punks, freaks & nerds, colorful in all your ways! We welcome new comrades and old friends, feed us with your presence and reflection. Weird GlaM DadAS represent!

May 1-4 Yuko Kaseki, Frontier in body, @OuterSpace Studios Register here

Friday, May 3 Yuko Kaseki, Shoot Geez My Gosh, @No Nation Tangential Unspace Gallery Purchase tickets

Friday May 10 Jon Poindexter, Holly Chernobyl & Sara Zalek, The inside is not different than the outside @Museum of Surgical Science, 530pm Purchase tickets

Sunday May 12 Holly Chernobyl, Body + Imagination Workshop @OuterSpace Studios Register here

May 25-31 Tadashi Endo, Butoh Intensive Workshop/Performance Opportunity @OuterSpace Studios Register here

Friday, May 31 HAUTNAH, Student Performance, @OuterSpace Studios Purchase tickets