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In/habit roving art series

I’m hurting when you’re not with me:
a screening by Butoh Chicago >< In/Habit roving art series

April 11, 7pm- 10pm
Hume Gallery, 3242 West Armitage Avenue
A night of short films and conversations.

Butoh Chicago and In/habit roving art series are co-curating some very special events as part of Battles:SS3. Rebecca and Sara have been scouting, shouting, and furiously creating their sweet’n’freaky BrainChilds. For the sensitive in all of us, we present:

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I’m hurting when you’re not with me:
a screening by Butoh Chicago >< In/Habit roving art series

April 11, 7pm- 10pm
Hume Gallery, 3242 West Armitage Avenue

Eventbrite - I'm hurting when you're not with me

A night of short films and conversations.

Longing for someone or something to be there with us is longing for solidarity, for presence, for love, for understanding, for flesh, for friendship. Battles, repair and resilience only exist in relation to and the battlegrounds are not as desolate when you are with me.

To acknowledge our need for one another, and how we might seek to repair our feelings of loss and isolation, the harm done to our body and the body politics, broken relationships, and share in the beauty that might be our shared grief.


Nabeela Vega, Purging
Connie Noyes, A Revolution Around the Sun + The Rattle
Rami George, my mother and her sister always argued in arabic,
i never understood what was said; Stanley, my Second Lover
Carole McCurdy, Bellows Below
Dubi Kaufmann, Looking at You
Vincent Chevalier, So… when did you figure out that you had AIDS?; COVER
Victoria Bradford, Yellow. A response to “Eros the Bittersweet,” an essay by classicist Anne Carson
Frank Bertram, VERLORENE GÖTTER (Lost Gods) *World Premiere*
Emily Esperanza, Severance
Geoff Shelton with Vangeline Theater / New York Butoh Institute, Spectral

Free. Donations will be providing stipends to the film and videomakers. Thank you!

BYO Snacks and Beverages to this cozy artists-run gallery Hume Chicago

This screening is part of the Battles:SS3 Post-Butoh Festival and the In/habit roving art series, more information and full calendar of |

NEEDCREDITDarlingSquire-Reparations is an Evening of performance and film

April 22, Doors open at 7:00pm
High Concept Labs, 2233 S. Throop, Pilsen

Eventbrite - Reparations
Featuring Darling SquireJenn FreemanEryka Dellenbach, //interference (Sara Goodman / Beatrice VS), Aurora Tabar / Bill Skaleski / Duncan Reilly

Videos by Hereaclitus, Carole McCurdy, Connie Noyes, Vincent Chevalier, Rami George, Mitsu Salmon, Nabeela Vega

A collection of short videos will be featured as you enter, take time and space to immerse yourself and prepare. Reparations (as the counterpart of Battles) is about acts of recognitions, bodily gestures toward processes of repairing or questioning the condition of being repaired, healing together and on our own, self-care, gestures toward awareness, empathy, forgiveness, grief and justice.

From colonialism to slavery through patriarchy, food and housing redlining, mass incarceration, homophobia, surveillance, to the very small and bigger battles against the delineation between the private and the public itself, conflict, here, is seeking repair to the harm done.

Donations are appreciated!Special thanks to our Fiscal Sponsor Antibody Corporation and High Concept Labs for hosting.

InHabitEelIN/HABIT roving art series was created by Mitsu Salmon & Rebecca Ladida in 2015-2016. The series is an open platform dedicated to holding space for brilliant weirdos, fostering collaborations between queer, feminists, BIPOC, radical thinkers and artists with various degrees of recognition in the (art) world. About 150 collaborators/artists/curators have contributed to building In/habit in this past first year.

This multimedia roving art series acts as a trickster platform blurring the lines between the economy of practices in both DIY spaces/politics and institutionalized art spaces. Social transformation as well as the transformation of the way we work together is the horizon as well as the m.o. More info about them: