APRIL 23 at DFB Gallery beginning at 7:00pm (FB EVENT)
$15 Suggested Donation (there is a sliding scale)

Yumiko YoshiokaYUMIKO YOSHIOKA was a founding member of the first all-female butoh group Ariadone and has been instrumental in bringing butoh to Europe: first with Ariadone in Paris in 1978 and then in Germany with her group Theatre Danse Grotesque (1988-1994). She has toured and taught extensively in Japan, Europe, Russia, Israel and both North and South America and presently is based in eastern Germany where she runs the group TEN PEN Chii with visual artist Joachim Manager and musician Zam Johnson.

Yumiko is leading a series of workshops April 21-24, get more details and register for any workshop day: Yumiko Yoshioka: Body Resonance Workshop

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.13.24 AMMARCO DONNARUMMA is an artist and writer. He merges sound art and performance art through science and technology. He is known for his performances, concerts and installations using and abusing human bodies, sound, infrasound, lights, algorithms, body sensors, and loudspeakers. His works rely on the material force of sound to produce intensely intimate encounters of bodies and machines, and vivid sensory, and physical experiences. His creative process is a continuous feedback between artistic intuition, scientific experiments, and development of custom technologies. Among other awards, he has been a Harvestworks Fellow with support by the Rockefeller Foundation, and his works have been featured at Sónar+D, ISEA, Venice Biennale, ZKM, transmediale, CTM, FILE, Panorama, NYEAF, Sound Art China, EMPAC, Stanford CCRMA, to name a few.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.10.33 AMHECTOR CANONGE is an interdisciplinary artist whose work incorporates the use of New-media technologies, physical environments, cinematic and performance art narratives. In his work he explores and treats issues related to construction of identity, gender roles, and the politics of migration. His performances mediate movement, endurance, and ritualistic processes as well as the interaction with the public. Canonge studied Comparative Literature, Filmmaking, and Integrated Media Arts in New York City. His visual arts projects and performance art work have been exhibited and presented in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

OTCIn her work LISA STERTZ aims to direct attention to the human being on a bare, existential level. She reflects the individual in connection to its surroundings informed by society, locality, family, history, and policy. – The notion of freedom is central to this undertaking. Knowing that absolute freedom does not exist, but that it is always subject to a moment of negotiation, her art making and thinking is exposed to the exploration of different modes of perception to point to an unbiased openness and to alter predetermination. Performances of hers become thus places of invitation and motion. She aims to pick people up, invite them to get involved and share her time with them, as they share theirs with her. Further she seeks to create open, yet intimate moments of being together, face-to-face, among others, in one room – present, to remind us of our natural and mutual longing for an/other.

JSoliday_bw_2kJASON SOLIDAY is an electronic musician. Solo performer and member of Cleav’d Cleaver, Ratatosk, Magic Missile, I ♥ Presets, xTAL fSCK, mora, and various ad-hoc ensembles too numerous to mention.

“The real beauty of this music lies in the detail. Far from being a flat-out noise fest, Nonagon Knives brims with texture showcases Soliday’s ability to coax more than just random noise from his chosen instrument. ‘An Obsession With Aerodynamics’, for example, hums with feedback beneath the surface racket, lending it an unsettling feeling of depth. Imagine waving your hand around in a dark hole you know harbours snakes and waiting for the bite – that’s the kind of effect the best of Soliday’s work can have on you, and it’s often as though it’s been wired directly into your spine. Soliday retains superlative control too; nothing runs him and nothing sounds superfluous. The undoubted highlight here is the quarter-hour ‘The Comfort of Outer Forms’, which uses its extended playing time to run the whole gamut of sonic shades. From burping frog croaks to zipping space cars and some disarmingly cute chirrups, the track eventually blends the lot in a rapidly rotating neutron star of noise that flings out ever fiercer tendrils. They themselves construct miniatures, all of which hiss around the perimeters and some of which even have the faintest hint of melody. This is the kind of minutiae that will reveal itself upon repeated listens (it goes straight back around whenever I play it), and what marks Soliday out as being a truly exceptional noise artist.” – Steve Dewherst, Foxy Digitalis

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