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Thank you for donations & support!

Butoh is a marginalized form, and a mystery to most, but to me, it offers exquisite insight into my creative process. I immerse myself in memories, dreams, associations, ideas, and most importantly–my connection to other humans. To dance Butoh is to dance with my whole self.

When we fall, we must get back up. To live creatively, we need to keep falling. We all have dark places within us, and to dance through this darkness is a way to transform it, to empower each other, to live with grace.

If you have experienced any Butoh or Post-Butoh performances, workshops, and discussions curated by Butoh Chicago in the last couple of years, you know it’s our goal to support and strengthen the integrity of the creative power is us all.

meThank you 3Arts, and thank you one and all for your support. We reached our fundraising goal of $5,000, with more donations still coming in. All funds do go toward continued subsidizing of class costs, new opportunities for teachers and students to come together, and public performances. Go ahead and give beyond the goal if you feel inspired. The campaign ends June 15.

And Go ahead, Dance!

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