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This Saturday at 8pm! Child of the Witch

11013627_10153249007624684_1641951007104067980_nA work-in-progress + talkback + invited feedback + fundraiser + party! Since late February (the coldest and saddest month), Jessica Mondres has been directing this babe of a show. Starring Holly Chernobyl & Piper MacDonald (age 13). Concept, production, and choreography by Holly Chernobyl. Live music by Hanna Brock. Puppets by Stephanie Diaz. Props by Gus Garritano.

YES THERE IS A REAL KID IN THE SHOW. Come witness our surreal retelling!

: A Fairytale is primarily inspired by the Brother’s Grimm story of Frau Holle, the snow witch, and Holly Chernobyl’s experience working with children and families over the past 5 years. It is also deeply influenced by Holly’s own experience of being an adopted child.

Child of the Witch: A Fairytale imagines a place where witches go to dream, to play, and make wishes. Set in Frau Holle’s playhouse in the clouds, created by her own magic, Frau Holle explores her most treasured wish–to have a child. What sort of child does she want? What sort of child does she get? And what secrets does she have?

In this dance theater production, we explore dreams, motherhood, impossibility, disappointment, and excitement.

Doors at 8.
Show at 8:20.
Talkback to follow.
Holly will kick you out at 11.

BYOBehave Yourself.

1917 N Elston, entrance at the North side of the building.

Suggested donation of 10$ and up. All proceeds go to building the show and paying the artists.

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