Transformation II – November 18, 2014, Part IV of V

Practice, practice


First Half

Talked about Muscles of the Back, looking at drawing by Irene Dowd:

(In the order of the most superficial to the deepest one)

First Layer: Trapezius
Second Layer: Latissimus Dorsi
Forth Layer: Posterior Serratus – Ups & Lower Fibers
Fifth Layer: Splenius Capitis & Cervicis
Sixth Layer: Erector Spinae: Spinalisspinalis capitis, cervicis, thoracis/dorsi (click the forth image from the top in the center); Longissimus; Illiocostalis
Seventh Layer: Upper Most Superficial Transversospinalis (semispinalis capitis, cervicis, thoracis/dorsi)
Eighth Layer: Next Deeper Transversospinalis: Rotatores (longus & brevis), Multifidi
Ninth Layer: Deepest Transversospinalis & Sub-Occipitals: Sub-Occipitals, Intertransversarii, Interspinales
Tenth Layer: Quadratus Lumborum

Special feature:

Then, from standing position, I introduced very basic Klein technique roll down/up and bouncing, and my very beginning of gyroscope plane awareness exercise. Since we moved with awareness to the back muscles, the exercises become more effective. More gravity on…

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