Vangeline interviewed about Butoh

Check out this article in Ravelin, where Alec Coiro interviews Vangeline about Butoh: “We don’t live in the aftermath of Hiroshima, but violence has not been eradicated. And western culture has terribly inadequate means of dealing with our violent impulses. People are attracted to Butoh because we are provoked by what make us uncomfortable, like death, mental illness, and poverty. Butoh has a way of touching on these things in a very direct way.” -Vangeline


Transformation II – November 18, 2014, Part IV of V

Practice, practice


First Half

Talked about Muscles of the Back, looking at drawing by Irene Dowd:

(In the order of the most superficial to the deepest one)

First Layer: Trapezius
Second Layer: Latissimus Dorsi
Forth Layer: Posterior Serratus – Ups & Lower Fibers
Fifth Layer: Splenius Capitis & Cervicis
Sixth Layer: Erector Spinae: Spinalisspinalis capitis, cervicis, thoracis/dorsi (click the forth image from the top in the center); Longissimus; Illiocostalis
Seventh Layer: Upper Most Superficial Transversospinalis (semispinalis capitis, cervicis, thoracis/dorsi)
Eighth Layer: Next Deeper Transversospinalis: Rotatores (longus & brevis), Multifidi
Ninth Layer: Deepest Transversospinalis & Sub-Occipitals: Sub-Occipitals, Intertransversarii, Interspinales
Tenth Layer: Quadratus Lumborum

Special feature:

Then, from standing position, I introduced very basic Klein technique roll down/up and bouncing, and my very beginning of gyroscope plane awareness exercise. Since we moved with awareness to the back muscles, the exercises become more effective. More gravity on…

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Et…. fusion.

Everywhere Butoh.


Festival Butoh Off, Basel


Là, c’est l’instant T…. La présentation… De mes films Eidôlon et Chair de peau (skin quivers), puis de la performance avec le danseur Valentin Tszin, accompagnés de la musique de Philippe Alioth… Biensûr le trac. La peur. D’être mal perçue par les puristes du Butoh, car je n’en suis pas une. De puriste. Amatrice, oui.


Mes vidéos sont des interprétations. Des métaphores, des trucs hybrides. Des témoins de ces moments haute voltige, avec des danseurs exceptionnels. Qui m’ont transportée, par leur gestes, par leurs dons… Pour moi, la danse Butoh est la faculté d’emmener le spectateur ailleurs, de transformer l’espace, le temps. De tout changer. Tout.

La performance live, c’est cela. Un saut dans le vide. Ou une apnée.

Je ne sais pas ce que va faire le danseur. Et pourtant, mes vidéos l’accompagnent, le soutiennent, ou s’effacent devant sa chorégraphie, car lui, est en avant…

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Discount pricing available- Register before Thanksgiving


Vangeline is getting super excited to come work with us! Register before Thanksgiving to receive super discounted rates. We look forward to dancing with you..and, for those of you that would just rather watch, come see us perform live on Dec 5 & 6, or see some films we are working on and talk to us about Butoh and its impact on our practice Dec 8.

Eventbrite - Vangeline Theater Workshop & Performance


July 12 12-4pm Outerspace

Somatics and Scores

Learn to bring your most vibrant internal sensations to a lively connected performance!

In this workshop Annie Rudnik and Sarah Gottlieb approach somatics through the lens of performance. They will guide dancers to sense deep layers of internal connection and ease of movement with Feldenkrais and Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals.  Participants will learn to integrate inner/outer focus with internal impulses by exploring the role of the witness and will cultivate choice-making methods through improvisational score building.