Butoh Body 

Weekly Classes in August
Every Sunday, 12-2pm
@Outerspace Studios
1474 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Drop-in $15
Butoh class cards accepted ❤
Class Card $100 for 10 classes

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There are no upcoming Sunday Butoh Body classes. A new/revised class will resume in OuterSpace in the fall, at a new day and time. Check back then or subscribe for updates.

Butoh training is an invaluable tool for dancers, actors, creative people of all types. Butoh training exercises can expand your body physically and energetically through breath and meditation techniques, Noguchi gymnastics, sensory exercises, improvisational sound and movement, and visual imagery.

This open weekly class aims to develop sensual awareness both physically and energetically. You are invited to enliven your imagination through movement in a supportive environment. Create personal internal landscapes to move with mindfulness and presence.  You will be encouraged to take risks, listen,  move with your subtler senses, and evolve your personal body language.

These workshops dwell on themes and ideas of the transformative body and the importance of the live moment. Participants are encouraged to find beauty in the horror of the grimace; the effort to embody objects, animals, textures, and states; the work of transforming from one to another, and move from deeply internal impulses to find more unique expressions of outer movements.

There is usually time for reflection using automatic writing and/or drawing exercises and short informal showings to more fully integrate the ideas into usable material for making strong choreographic and performance decisions.

[Butoh is a practice which seeks to embrace the shadow self. It offers us a chance to discover our relationship to nature, the cosmos, other sentient beings, and our shamanistic selves. Welcome them to your future.]

Sara Zalek has practiced and studied Butoh for over 14 years, incorporating Tai Chi, yoga, Noguchi gymnastics,  ritual dance, and visual arts into her teaching. She has studied with and facilitated numerous international Butoh master teachers through Butoh Chicago. Find out more about Sara here: www.saratonin.com

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