Tadashi Endo – Fukushima Mon Amour

Fukushima Mon Amour
September 17, 7:30pm

Tickets available online through the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

Fukushima Mon Amour
This year marks the 5 year anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. We remember to honor the people who died and are still displaced, and to find a way to encourage us all to learn from the events that transpired, with honest reflection. Fukushima Never Again.

“Japan is a beautiful country. Japan is a fascinating country full of myths. Japan is the only country that witnessed the atom bomb. The catastrophe caused lots of terror and grief. Grief created solidarity that turned people into the extreme and sensitive Japanese that we know today.”

Tadashi will also teach workshops September 10-13, Saturday-Tuesday prior to his performance. Unique treat to experience!

More information here.

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