Tadashi Endo – Workshops

Tadashi teaches a Butoh Intensive, 15 hours over 4 days. His focus is on the space between things, and his workshops are physically challenging and supportive. Register for workshops here.

“The dancer shall not dance – but should be danced”
September 10-13

Helgoland - Tadashi EndoSaturday, Sept 10, 11-3pm
Sunday Sept 11, 12-5pm
Monday/Tuesday Sept 12/13, 6-9pm
@Outerspace, 1474 N Milwaukee Ave

TADASHI ENDO, elève of the great butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno, found his own way of dance
which he calls “Butoh-MA”. MA is a very important word in zen buddhism, which has two meanings: the “emptiness” and “the space between the things”.

Last year, Tadashi Endo was in Chicago. He performed IKIRU- Requiem para Pina Bausch to a sold out show at the Old Town School of Folk Music. He lead a series of sold out workshops and came to New Room to watch our work. He and his partner and manager Gabrielle immediately made plans with me to come back in 2016. This year, we will deepen our understanding of the phrase “the dancer  shall not dance,” we will recover some feeling of the space between things; to find new patterns, new imaginations, and encourage continued growth in each of our bodies, in our collective body.

When Tadashi Endo is teaching, he offers challenging warm ups, improvisational scores and choreographic work. He gives a deep view into Butoh philosophy and speaks to what Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata were thinking and tells us about their lives. But first he lets the students search for their own Butoh. To quote Kazuo Ohno, “everybody can dance Butoh,” it may be not the Japanese Butoh, but everybody can find their own movements in the sense of Butoh.

Butoh-MA is one way to find the invisible visible. The minimum of movements lets the expression of feelings and situations grow to highest intensity. For this work, it is more important to keep the balance between energy, tension and control than to care for the aesthetics of movement.

Tadashi Endo has the position as a guest professor at the Hochschule für Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main, Germany, The Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, Israel, and at the Nucleo Interdisciplinar des Pesyuisas TeatrUnicamp, University Campinas, Brazil.

Tadashi Endo will also perform his internationally acclaimed Fukushima Mon Amour at the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, in memory of the Fukushima disaster 5 years ago. More information here.