New Room

new room imageLGENEW ROOM

Our next event:
September TBA
Outerspace (1474 N. Milwaukee Ave, 3rd Floor)

New Room is a (bi)monthly performance event for artists working in conceptual/experimental movement and Butoh.

The series is intended to support works in progress, creative risks, and experimentation. We aim to create a supportive environment where performers are able to not only explore new work, but also work on their performative presence.

New Room asks the audience to provide written feedback for the performers and encourages community building with conversations and wine at the end.

New Room falls on the first (or second) Saturday of the ‘ON’ months: January, March, May, July, September, November

On ‘OFF’ months there are opportunities for special events and site specific explorations.

Work will flow, transformation will solidify, new territory will form.


Contact us at:

Interested in performing at a future New Room event?

We are currently accepting submissions for [10 to 15 minute pieces] for the ‘ON’ months: July, September, November.

Submit by emailing us: a description of your piece, estimated length of the piece (max. length of 15 minutes), a short artist bio, and the link to your artist website/ documentation of past work.

 *To submit a proposal for a special event or a site specific happening on an ‘OFF’ month, email us a 2-4 page project proposal for special review. Applicants for this opportunity should be ready to work collaboratively with April and Eli in this process.                                         (February, April, June, August, October, December)

New Room was created by Chicago artists  April Noga and Eli Halpern.                                           They aim to provide an authentic space.                                                                                                       Where performing is about  carving internal pathways.                                                                  Stepping into the darkness.  Existing in a space where anything can happen.                     Contact April and Eli to begin the dialogue.